COVID-19 update

Please read before placing an order

We have been under a lot of pressure due to our sudden growth and the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic causes unpredictable production times: materials arriving slower than usual, workers having to take time off due to health and safety considerations, unpredictable shipping times. Because of our sudden growth, we receive an increasing amount of orders and, as we are a build-to-order service, our production time is longer than usual. The pandemic is also affecting our delivery partners, who are overloaded with shipments around the world. We are doing everything in our power to deliver your workstations as fast as we can; however, these factors are outside of our control.

For the reasons above, we set our current wait times to 6-9 weeks. We believe that we are over the hump, and production times will become shorter while delivery times will be more predictable.

What we've been doing

  • We moved our production to a new bigger production facility where we have more space to store materials and build desks
  • We hired more people for our workshop and offices to scale both in production capacity and customer support
  • We installed more machines to parallelize our processes and scale up our production output
  • We moved all production processes in-house for better quality control and more speed

What we are working on

  • A better feedback system for customers about their order status
  • Precise production time estimations for our customers
Apr 21, 2021

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